Vampire Penguin (Powdersville South Carolina)

Vampire Penguin Powdersville South Carolina

Vampire Penguin is a newish ice cream place to me. It’s a franchise that you can find in the Southeast, with a lot of locations apparently in Florida.

Vampire Penguin Mural Powdersville South Carolina

We actually went there on Easter Saturday, so it was kind of funny to go to a place that definitely would thrive theme wise on Halloween.

Vampire Penguin ice cream snow strawberry banana

It isn’t traditional ice cream. It feels almost like sand when you eat it, which is a horrible way to describe it. Think shaved ice with some gritty texture.

Vampire Penguin ice cream snow Twix

I had the Twix version, which doesn’t taste a lot like Twix.

Vampire Penguin Reesie cup ice cream snow

I did get to try the Reese’s cup version which I really should’ve done so in the first place. It was a lot better than the Twix one.

Vampire penguin stuffed animals

But overall, I wasn’t very impressed by Vampire Penguin. It’s not really ice cream, it’s not really shaved ice, it’s very unique, but I don’t really see it hitting the spot when summertime comes around.

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