My Astral Chain (Nintendo Switch) Impressions

Astral Chain player and Akira Nintendo Switch

Astral Chain came out a while ago on the Nintendo Switch. I found it on sale at Target, so now it’s my first time playing it.

Astral Chain motorcycle chase Nintendo Switch

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and I didn’t really see this motorcycle level coming as the first one.

Astral Chain emergency medic Nintendo Switch

It’s set in a very dystopian future, with police officers with some very cool powers.

Astral Chain baton melee combat Nintendo Switch

The main part is walking around using either a baton or a pistol that shoots lasers.

Astral Chain magical helpers Nintendo Switch

Then you get this mega power up machine.

Astral Chain chimera miniboss Nintendo Switch

Which works with you to destroy enemies.

Twins vs Laius Astral Chain Nintendo Switch

I’m not super impressed so far, but I’ve been liking it.

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