My Top Ten Xbox Games #6: Half-Life 2

Half life 2 Xbox boxart Gordon freeman Valve

Half-Life 2 was a smash hit on the PC, however you needed a pretty good graphics card back in the day to run the darn thing good. So many were hoping for a watered down port for the consoles, and even though it took a bit of time, Valve delivered that on Xbox like they did for the first game on PS2.

Pistol flammable barrel half life 2 Xbox valve

I did play 1 on PS2 (I don’t play PC games), and really thought it was one of the worst shooters that I put my hands on. Most of that might of been aging, and the crumminess of the PS2 port (from what I hear), so I decided to give 2 a try and the Xbox version does the series justice. The graphical frame-rate can be a problem for nickpicky people, but the load-times are the thorn in this game’s paw. Long and frequent, get used to it. 

Prison guard vs giant bug half life 2 Microsoft Xbox valve

Half-life 2 is a fun and impressive game, with such variety and diversity in the enemies and levels. I think my favorite level was Ravenholm since it had that perfect Halloween spooky feel to it, and was really the only spot I really thought the gravity gun got it’s full use. I do wish I kinda waited until I bought the Orange Box though since the port on that one is much much better than this version. However even a crappy port of great game, can sometimes be a great game if you can tolerate imperfections. 

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