My Top Ten NES Games #4: MegaMan 2

Mega man 2 boxart North America nes Capcom

MegaMan 2 may perhaps be the best MegaMan ever crafted by the folks at Capcom. Now I know there are some people who prefer 3 or some of the X games over it, but that’s not about that. I think 2 really is one of the finest sequels in the NES’s library, and one of the few major sequels that was remotely similar to the original. 

Mega man 2 boss chart nes Capcom

It may not have added many fancy new features that we saw in 3+, the X games, Battle Network, Legends, or any other MM game Capcom pukes out these days, but it did nail almost everything right. From the game-play, the difficulty, the platforming, and the bosses. They certainly weren’t running out of ideas back then. 

Mega man vs robot fish Mega man 2 nes Capcom

MegaMan 2 is a classic. No doubt in anyone’s mind. If you haven’t played one of Capcom’s greatest gifts to gaming then you really should get yourself some sort of copy; because it’s something not to be missed. You can see why Megaman 9 and 10 tried to take a much more simpler approach by playing Megaman 2. 

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