Our Dinner At The Cheesecake Factory (Southpark Mall)

Man smiling at the Cheesecake Factory Southpark Mall charlotte North Carolina

I had gone to The Cheesecake Factory for the first time two weekends ago.

Cheesecake counter Cheesecake Factory Southpark Mall charlotte North Carolina

The place was very overcrowded, I definitely recommend to get a reservation to it.

Flatbread pizza the Cheesecake Factory

I had the pizza, it was decent but nothing special.

Filet the Cheesecake Factory

They do have a pretty varied menu.

Reese's cup Cheesecake the Cheesecake Factory

But the main draw is the cheesecake. This one was like a Reese’s Cup. It was a bit too much chocolate (in the darkest layers) for my tastes but I liked it.

Southpark mall charlotte North Carolina the Cheesecake Factory restaurant

I definitely will go here again.

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4 thoughts on “Our Dinner At The Cheesecake Factory (Southpark Mall)

  1. I haven’t been to the one they have here in NC. but I have tried the one here at the Crabtree Mall in Raleigh, but I have eaten at the one in Washington DC, and yes, it was definitely crowded. I agree, that the menu is so varied, I had a hard time choosing from the menu, but I ended up getting my usual – a burger(lol). Glad you had fun! Hugs, RO


  2. This really surprised me on a couple of levels. First, I haven’t been to a restaurant in a very long time. When I finally venture to a meal inside, I will choose a locally-owned restaurant known for their good food, not an overpriced chain. You commented that the pizza was just okay – everything is “just ok” at Cheesecake Factory because their menu is so large that nothing is really made there! It’s cooked somewhere far away and they just bake it. Yuck.

    Secondly, it was so crowded that your thought was you needed a reservation??? Wow. No wonder the pandemic is still raging. To me, if it is too crowded, I don’t go in, and I won’t go back.


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