My First Visit to IKEA

IKEA Charlotte north Carolina

I had heard of IKEA for a very long time. Before we left Charlotte, we took a stroll by the IKEA store they have there. It is the closest one to where I live

Kitchen decor ikea

I knew they sold furniture, but I also didn’t know everything they sold.

Large cafeteria IKEA Charlotte north Carolina

They have a very famous cafeteria. While I don’t eat meat, I have heard of their Swedish meatballs.

Swedish meatballs IKEA Charlotte north Carolina

I was a little shocked how limited their menu was.

Bath mats IKEA

But after eating I got to see all the decor stuff they sell. Some things seemed to be pretty good deals.

Det var en gang en snovit Bjorn book IKEA

They also have a lot of stuff for kids, including a book entirely written in Swedish. I don’t know why this is in an American store but Google Translate tells me that the title would probably be There Once Was a Snowy Bear.

Cute chairs IKEA Charlotte north Carolina

My biggest complaint about IKEA is all the customers. My pictures ironically don’t show that much, but I’m really introverted and that really tested my sensitivity being so close to people.

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