Escape to Witch Mountain (1975 Film) Review

Escape to Witch mountain Disney movie poster John Hough

 Now that I have Disney+ there are countless Disney movies I had never seen, such as this pretty old film. I do recall the remake with Dwayne Johnson coming out in the mid 2000’s, and since I had never seen it, I would rather watch the original first. It was based on a novel series, but Disney had enough faith in it to make a movie on it. 

Tia Malone and Tony Malone escape to Witch mountain Disney Kim Richards Ike eisenmann

The movie’s heroes are Tony and Tia Malone. While they appear to be ordinary children, these orphans have strange powers. They can make things float, ask for help from animals, and communicate with their minds. While Tia tries to keep these things low-key, Tony’s quick rush to anger makes it more known than it should be. 

Lucas Deranian limo car escape to Witch mountain Disney donald pleasence

 Tia gets a bad sense that a man will be killed in his car and runs over to him to plead for his safety. Kinda convinced by her intuition, he tells his driver he’d rather go for a walk than be driven anywhere. Moments after he walks away, a truck hits the vehicle, which proves that Tia was right and incredibly accurate too. 

Aristotle Bolt adopts Tia and Tony Malone escape to Witch mountain Disney Kim Richards Ike eisenmann ray milland Donald pleasence

Lucas Deranian is the man’s name and he works for a millionaire named Aristotle Bolt. Bolt is fascinated by super-natural powers, thinking they would be a key to making him even richer than he already is. Once proven of their abilities, Tia and Tony are “adopted” by Bolt but will they realize his selfish intentions before it’s too late for a real family? 

Jason O'Day meets Tia and Tony Malone escape to Witch mountain Disney Kim Richards Ike eisenmann Eddie albert

Overall Escape to Witch Mountain was an interesting film. I did recall a spoiler of the remake someone told me years ago and this holds true for this one too. It’s a little surprising what Tia and Tony truly are, but it’s a good twist. I won’t watch the remake right away most likely, but I will probably do so before the end of 2020. 

Score: B-

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