Outlander (TV Series) Season 1 Review

Outlander season 1 poster Caitríona Balfe Sam Heughan

I had heard of Outlander for many years now, but didn’t know much about it. I knew that it had something to do with Scotland and time travel but not much else. I recently had the chance to watch it thanks to Netflix, so here are my views on the first season.

Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp goes back in time 1945 outlander season 1 Caitríona Balfe

The main character of the series is a married woman named Claire Randall. She was a nurse during World War 2 and recently the war ended. Her husband takes her to the Scottish Highlands for a trip about finding out things from 18th century Scotland. She’s fascinated by a set of stones and before she knows it, she’s taken somewhere different.

Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp and Dougal MacKenzie outlander season 1 Caitríona Balfe Graham McTavish

Which is back to 18th century Scotland through some indirect magical time travel. She at first has no idea, but she soon has to accept that she went back in time for real. After nearly being violated by a British soldier, she’s taken forcibly under the protection of Scottish Highlanders that highly mistrust her since it’s obvious she’s English.

Jamie Fraser meets Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp outlander season 1 Sam Heughan

She soon gets close to a man named James Fraser, who is a Scottish Lord of minor notability but also a wanted criminal under false charges. Hiding under the protection of his maternal family, both him and Claire have to avoid Captain Blackjack Randall for many reasons. Jacobites are also on the rise and she’ll learn those political viewpoints real quick.

Claire Fraser and Geillis Duncan witch trial outlander season 1 Lotte Verbeek Caitríona Balfe

I actually ended up liking Outlander a little more than I expected. I really enjoyed the history despite some minor inaccuracies and exaggerations. It does have some pretty brutal scenes that I found worse in severity than Game of Thrones, which I ended up fast forwarding. But I’ve already started the second season already.

Score: B+

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