Ready Or Not (2019 Film) Review

Ready or Not movie poster Samara Weaving

Ready Or Not was not an pick for me per se, I was with friends and one of them wanted to watch this after getting a recommendation from their sibling to watch it. I didn’t really know much of the cast or how major the movie was (as it could have been an “indie” film) but even people like Stephen King and R.L. Stein praised the film, so it was larger in status than I suspected.

Beautiful grace de Lomas white wedding dress Ready or Not Samara Weaving

The movie’s main character is Grace, whom is about to marry Alex Le Domas, a good man from a semi-estranged family of very wealthy people. They return to his “home” to get married. While Grace and her new in-laws don’t seem to hate each other, things do seem…odd.

grace de lomas and her murderous in laws Ready or Not Samara Weaving

The Le Domas family is rather ancient for American standards, especially the family’s wealth and secrets. Grace does try to take the new marriage with love and affection towards everyone, but she does start to feel the peculiar traits of the family and its spooky mansion.

Ready or Not grace de lomas draws hide and seek card Samara Weaving

They tell Grace that it’s tradition for a new member of the family to play a game with them. The game is decided by a random card drawing. Apparently all the games are harmless, except the one that Grace picks…Hide and Seek. While the game we all know is just a fun simple game, this one is connected to a family curse. Everyone in the family knows that if the Le Domas family refuses to play the game or doesn’t finish it, then the whole family will die come the next morning. The game is to find Grace…and end her. But will she survive before the dawn?

grace de lomas hiding from killers Ready or Not Samara Weaving

Funny enough, one of my friends had said the film was a horror movie which made me view the film in a different light, because it becomes really apparent that Ready Or Not is really a dark comedy, not a horror film. As a horror film, this movie would be a complete joke of a story, but as a dark comedy it’s pretty enjoyable. Though I will say the “comedy” at the very end was a bit too goofy for my tastes.

Score: B

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