Things I Like: The Simpsons (Season 3)

Boxer Joe Frazier cameo the Simpsons

Since the Simpson was my favorite show of all time before Game of Thrones, I’ve been rewatching the series on Disney+.

Krusty the klown and father rabbi the Simpsons

Lots of good moments on season three. Like Krusty the Klown reuniting with his father after years of seperation.

Homer Simpson works for Apu at the Kwik-E-Mart the Simpsons

There’s also Homer working for Apu to afford to get Lisa a pony.

Bart trapped in a well the Simpsons

Then there’s Bart prank into tricking the town into thinking a poor kid fell down the well with a radio transmitter. Then he falls down it himself, ironic.

C Montgomery burns sells Springfield nuclear power plant to German businessmen the Simpsons

We also had Mr. Burns giving Germans ownership of the nuclear power plant.

Land of chocolate daydream Homer Simpson the Simpsons

For which inspires Homer to dream about a “land of chocolate.”

Homer Simpson accidentally saves Springfield nuclear plant from meltdown the Simpsons

But they fire Homer when they easily realize he is TERRIBLE at his job.

Ned Flanders opens Leftorium the Simpsons

You also had the first episode where Ned Flanders opened up his Leftorium, for left-handed people.

Selma Bouvier and Sideshow Bob marry wedding the Simpsons

And the return of Sideshow Bob, becoming Selma Bouvier’s first of many husbands. But he tries to murder her for her small fortune, and Bart puts him behind bars again.

Herb Powell baby translator machine the Simpsons

Then there’s one of my favorites, the return of Homer’s half-brother Herbert Powell. Who makes a baby-translator machine to make himself wealthy again.

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