Things I Like: The Simpsons (Season 4)

Bart Simpson chief Justice of the Supreme Court the Simpsons

Since Disney+ is the new home of the Simpsons, I’ve been catching up with some good memories. Like the earliest seasons, season 4 is at the series’ prime.

Barney as Krusty the klown Kamp Krusty the Simpsons

You had the infamous Kamp Krusty.

Homer Simpson monorail conductor the Simpsons

The amazing monorail episode.

Homer Simpson Mr Plow jacket and truck the Simpsons

Who could forget Mr. Plow?

Dental plan Lisa needs braces dental plan Lisa needs braces the Simpsons

So long dental plan? Lisa needs braces! Dental Plan!

Homer Simpson joins big brothers big sisters the Simpsons

This season also had a parody of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Even though it is a parody, I do give this episode credit for being the reason I knew about the real Big Brothers Big Sisters in the first place.

Ralph Wiggum Falls in Love with Lisa Simpson The Simpsons

And we also had where Ralph Wiggum had a huge crush on Lisa and she literally crushed in his heart in half…well maybe not literally.

Adam West cameo the Simpsons Batman

Also some good cameos. You had Adam West, before most of us realized how crazy and “funny” he really was.

Johnny Carson cameo the Simpsons

The comedy legend Johnny Carson.

Leonard Nimoy the Simpsons cameo

And Leonard Nimoy.

Frozen yogurt guy treehouse of Horror cursed Krusty doll the Simpsons

And one of my favorite Treehouse of Horror stories. Frogurt time!

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