Things I Like: The Simpsons (Season 11)

Mel Gibson asks Homer Simpson how to make a good movie the Simpsons

While not really the series’ prime, 11 overall was better than ten.

Clobber girl and stretch dude treehouse of Horror Halloween special the Simpsons

It had one of my favorite Treehouse of Horror Halloween specials.

Homer Simpson bowling perfect game the Simpsons

Homer bowling a perfect game.

Homer Simpson food critic the Simpsons

I also liked when he was a food critic.

Elmo and Oscar the grouch vs Homer Simpson the Simpsons

Or when he fought against PBS.

Mark maguire MLB st Louis cardinals cameo the Simpsons

I liked when Bart realized MLB was evil.

Bart Simpson horse jockey to Duncan the Simpsons

And I liked the Duncan the horse episode despite the silliness.

Reverend lovejoy consoles Ned Flanders Maude funeral the Simpsons

Some bold moves were made this season. Like the death of Maude Flanders.

Apu saves his babies from the zoo the Simpsons

And Apu having eight babies at once.

Bart embarrassing president Lisa Simpson the Simpsons

I also liked when Lisa was President of the United States. Here is when the The Simpsons predicted a President Trump, I wish they had not done so.

Lisa vs Funzo the toy robot the Simpsons Christmas special

And who could forget Funzo?

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