Things I Like: The Simpsons (Season 6)

Bart Simpson thinks that Ned Flanders killed maude the Simpsons

I’ve been watching a lot of The Simpsons lately thanks to Disney+. Lots of good moments in this season.

Treehouse of horror the shining parody moe bartender and Homer Simpson the Simpsons

One of the best Treehouse of Horror episodes ever. You had the classic parody of The Shining.

Homer kills prehistoric fish time traveling toaster the Simpsons

And when Homer changes time with a magic toaster.

Bart and Homer try to escape Australia with kangaroos the Simpsons

I also enjoyed when Bart wages “war” against Australia.

Bart Simpson vs Lisa Simpson hockey game the Simpsons

And where Bart and Lisa become hockey rivals.

Homer Simpson ruins the sacred parchment stone cutters the Simpsons

Just love when Homer becomes a Stonecutter, which is a parody of the Freemasons.

Italian mob vs Krusty the klown and Homer Simpson the Simpsons

Homer also becomes a Krusty the Klown double. The Simpsons teams wanted to originally make Krusty as Homer’s alter ego, but it was too complex of a story and they gave up early on. But if you look at them closely, you can see the clues.

Homer Simpson vs Itchy robot Itchy and Scratchy Land the Simpsons

I adore the episode where they visit Itchy and Scratchy Land.

See my vest song c Montgomery burns the Simpsons

And “see my vest!”

Sideshow Bob becomes Mayor of Springfield the Simpsons

Sideshow Bob returns and becomes Mayor of Springfield, that was a good one.

C Montgomery burns dying on sundial the Simpsons mystery episode

And of course, the giant cliffhanger of Who Shot Mr. Burns. Fox dared people to guess the outcome with a contest and out of a big country of millions and millions of fans…not a single one got it right.

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