Rick and Morty (TV Series) Season 3 Review

Rick and Morty poster season 3 pickel Rick cartoon network adult swim

Rick and Morty is a TV series I started not long and not counting the latest season I’m now all caught up for what I’ve been missing for years. Now is season 3 the best of them all?

Rick Sanchez takes Jerry Smith fishing Rick and Morty cartoon network adult swim

The series hasn’t seen many major changes in the character’s lives. But this one does see the separation of Morty’s parents, Jerry and Beth Smith. While this was always what Rick wanted, every family member sees the pros and cons of the marriage crumbling.

Morty Smith goes Evil Rick and Morty cartoon network adult swim

But that doesn’t stop Rick and Morty from getting into some pretty crazy adventures. Such as when Rick tells Morty about all the terrible events that Rick erased from his mind and kept on file in a magic-science lab to let Morty watch later.

President Obama Rick and Morty cartoon network adult swim

But often enough, Rick and Morty have to save the world several times. With as many crazy adventures through countless universes/realities, time should have caught up with the insane scientist and his dorky grandson, but we all know that’s not going to happen.

Unibrow man Rick and Morty cartoon network adult swim

Overall season 3 is about on par with the first two seasons. It’s hard to pick a real favorite but all the seasons are too short for their own good. While I often stress quality over quantity, it’s strange that Cartoon Network hasn’t really asked for more episodes than the Rick and Morty team has already given them.

Score: B+

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