The Crown (TV Series) Season 1 Review

The crown season 1 poster Netflix Claire Foy

I have known about The Crown for several years now. Netflix was very proud of their original series, and they have done several seasons now. It had been on my to watch list for quite some time, but now it’s finally time to play catch up with the House of Windsor.

Princess Elizabeth Windsor wedding dress the crown Netflix Claire Foy

The story is set shortly after the end of World War 2. King George VI is the current head of the British Empire, and his eldest daughter Princess Elizabeth Windsor is about to marry the questionable Philip Mountbatten.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill the crown Netflix john Lithgow

But the show itself isn’t entirely about monarchy. All prime ministers during the season’s run will make an appearance somehow and somewhat. Politics is a very complicated issue and one that Princess Elizabeth Windsor doesn’t quite understand yet.

Queen Elizabeth II tries on crown the crown Claire Foy Netflix

But since her father was a heavy smoker, the crown is inevitable to fall on her head. She will soon know how heavy the weight of that crown will feel. Many monarchs and pretenders had slaughtered countless people to keep/win the throne of England, but what does the Queen do, one whom was reluctant to become the Head of State?

Queen Elizabeth II and prince Phillip argue over last name the crown Claire Foy Matt Smith

I was pretty pleased with The Crown and it’s quality. Like House of Cards, Netflix didn’t play around when making this series. I don’t find it super bingable, but it’s hard not to love it. I also learned some things about the royal family that I had not realized before. I’ve already started the second season and look forward to it.

Score: B+

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