Disenchantment (TV Series) Part 2 Review

Disenchantment Netflix poster season 2

As a big fan of The Simpsons, I gave Netflix’s Disenchantment a chance since Matt Groening created this series as well. Despite an obvious art similarity to his other works (such as The Simpsons and Futurama) Disenchantment was certainly a show in its own class for Groening. But Part 1 was certainly not as good as The Simpsons at their prime or Futurama at any period. But I liked it enough to keep watching.

King zog finds his kingdom turned to stone Disenchantment

The show starts as Queen Dagmar is now known to be alive…and wicked. She turns Dreamland into a kingdom of ruin, and King Zog into an even worse king. Since Dreamland was never the greatest kingdom at its peak strength, it is now pretty vulnerable to any nation or group that wants to attack it.

Queen Dagmar kidnaps Princess bean Disenchantment

Queen Dagmar takes her daughter Bean to her home. But Princess Bean soon realizes that her mom isn’t a good person. And she doesn’t quite know yet that Queen Dagmar has some pretty crazy plans for her in the future. Like we expect, Princess Bean takes a long run for the nearest exit out of her mom’s life.

Luci and bean try to revive elfo Disenchantment

But Princess Bean is ridden with guilt over the death of Elfo. Luci has an idea to get Elfo back to the land of the living. But it won’t be easy, as they’ll have to leave the living realm to do so, and they might not get back. Will Elfo come back to life, and will Princess Bean ever have normal day in her life?

Luci and bean in hell looking for elfo Disenchantment

Overall Part 2 was about as good as Part 1, maybe a little better. I’m not sure if Netflix is keeping the show going for a Part 3, but I’d be willing to give it a shot again. It may not be the greatest work by either Matt Groening or Netflix, but I’ve enjoyed it.

Score: B

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