Star Wars Pinball (Nintendo Switch) Review

Star Wars Pinball Nintendo Switch boxart

Last Christmas, my Little Brother (Big Brothers Big Sisters program) Mr. B got me this for Christmas. I had no idea it even existed. I do enjoy Star Wars a lot, and I’m so-so on pinball. Pinball is a decent distraction in an arcade, but video game versions can easily mistranslate. But was this one any good?

Star Wars Pinball sequel Trilogy board Nintendo Switch

I will say, this one has far more boards that I ever expected. I remember some video game pinball games having two…or even just one. But this one has one based on all the movies, plus even more than that. They’re all pretty different from one another too. So there’s a lot of variety when it comes to that.

Star Wars Pinball prequel board Nintendo Switch

The game also has different challenges in a story mode of sorts. You can either be tasked to score as many points under a time frame, using only a few pinballs, or even a set number of flipper switches. Some of them are easy, but some you can’t really take lightly.

Star Wars Pinball Darth Vader lightsaber fight Nintendo Switch

There’s also some mini-games in between the game. These are really an after-thought. You could be flying in space shooting tie-fighters, or even have a lightsaber duel with Darth Vader. While these sound cool on paper, they don’t do too well here in my opinion.

Star Wars Pinball Darth Vader board Nintendo Switch

And I honestly have mixed feeling about Star Wars Pinball. I will admit, the team behind it really did try their best. If you really love pinball and Star Wars, this is your dream come true. But I could only play it for a few hours before getting kinda bored of it. Funny enough, Mr. B played it and rage quit after five minutes. Kids his age probably have little toleration for the lost art of pinball.

Score: C+

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