Dragon Ball Super (TV Series) Part 4 Review

Dragon Ball Super part 4 Boxart

I really like Dragon Ball Z, so I’ve been playing catch-up with its sequel series Dragon Ball Super. This one is mostly a saga involving the return of Future Trunks. I had heard of the story-line a few years ago (Japan always gets stuff first) so I was excited to finally to see it all for myself.

Future trunks wakes up and sees goku Dragon Ball Super

The story takes place with the conclusion of the Tournament of Destroyers. After that, Goku and Vegeta do a few things until a time machine shows up at Bulma’s house. Inside it is Future Trunks, whom everyone thought they’d never see again. When Future Trunks wakes up, he attacks Goku on the spot, not realizing that Goku had been brought back to life.

Future trunks punches Goku Black Dragon Ball Super

Trunks thought for a moment he was looking at the foe he was fleeing from, a mysterious being calling himself Goku. Future Bulma later called him Goku Black due to him wearing dark clothes instead of orange ones. Like Android 17 and 18, Goku Black makes life on Earth hell and wipes out most lifeforms.

Goku Black finds the Z Fighters Dragon Ball Super

He even kills Future Bulma but he really wants to fight Trunks for good. Using a time-ring, he pulls himself into the Z warrior timeline. Trunks is ready to fight him again, but he is nervous. Goku on the other hand, wants to see how strong Goku black really is. Beerus and Whis are not so happy that mortals have been messing with time.

Ssj2 goku VS goku Black first fight Dragon Ball Super

Overall this season had some awful filler, but the Goku Black storyline is pretty interesting so far. It’s far from over, but I’m very curious to see what happens the next time. Hopefully it will mostly be void of filler but I kind of doubt it.

Score: B-

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