Dragon Ball Super (TV Series) Part 5 Review

Dragon Ball Super part 5 Boxart

Dragon Ball Super is something I have been playing catch-up on. I was a big fan of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z as a kid, and I HATED Dragon Ball GT. Dragon Ball Super rewrites the story to make GT non-canon and it’s certainly comes short of Dragon Ball Z but it’s certainly much better than GT now that I’m about past halfway in the series now.

Super Saiyan blue goku and Future Trunks fighting Goku Black Dragon Ball Super

The story is still focused on Future Trunks coming back to the past and asking Goku and Vegeta for help against Goku Black. The mysterious “saiyan” is certainly not the real Goku, but he has incredible powers and his energy seems to grow even stronger when Goku shows the power of Super Saiyan Blue, which is a upgraded version of Super Saiyan God.

Future mail and Bulma Dragon Ball Super

They take the fight to Future Trunks’ timeline after Bulma fixes up another time-machine after Goku Black destroyed the first one. The big mystery is obviously who is Goku Black, and why does he want to destroy all mortal life on Earth? He’s certainly reduced Earth’s population to next-to-nothing after a year’s time.

Super Saiyan blue goku VS goku Black rose Dragon Ball Super

But Goku and Vegeta are shocked to learn that Goku Black has reached a new power-level, one of which renders Super Saiyan Blue rather weak against his “divine might.” Since Lord Beerus refuses to break taboo and travel to the future with them, they’re on their own. But do the Saiyans really stand a chance against this imposter?

Ssj2 future trunks VS zamasu Dragon Ball Super

Overall Part 5 is one of the better parts of Dragon Ball Super. Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks should’ve died a few times over the course of these stories, but I’ve liked it better than the other sagas so far despite some of the ill-fated logic in the plot.

Score: B

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