Dragon Ball Super (TV Series) Part 6 Review

Dragon Ball Super part 6 Boxart

I had been pretty adamant about continuing my journey through Dragon Ball Super. This one starts at the end of the whole Future Trunks/Goku Black saga.

Supreme Kai gives vegeta and goku potara earrings Dragon Ball Super

The story starts pretty close to a dark time with the Z warriors struggling to fight the fused Zamasu in Trunk’s bleak future time-line. No matter how strong Vegeta, Trunks, or Goku get, Zamasu seems to always one-up them at every turn. It seems they have little time and very few ideas, including one that Vegeta really doesn’t like.

Goku Black fuses with zamasu Dragon Ball Super

But even with some indirect with help from Beerus and Whis, Zamasu may be unstoppable. With almost all mortals on Earth slain, and all deities in the future pretty much destroyed, this may be Goku and the Z warriors’ greatest battle yet. To make matters worse, it may not just be Trunk’s time-line that will be doomed.

Goku given button by grand Zeno Dragon Ball Super

Even if Zamasu is defeated, there’s still the factor of the Omni-King, Grand Zeno. The unstoappable and all-powerful god of all universes loves Goku for being “funny.” But like Goku, Zeno shares a love for fighting tournaments. Will Goku get a chance to see this grand tournament happen? Or will he be stuck in the…future?

Vegito super Saiyan blue Dragon Ball Super

Overall Part 6 was a decent addition to the series. I liked the end with the whole Goku Black/Zamasu thing, but a lot of the season has a bunch of filler. Some is funny, some is okay, and some is boring. I know most of what will happen (people on the internet can’t keep their mouths shut) but I am excited to see the final chapters as they come by me.

Score: B-

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