Dragon Ball Super (TV Series) Part 7 Review

Dragon Ball Super part 7 Boxart

Dragon Ball Super is a TV series I have been getting close to finishing. While far from as good as Dragon Ball Z, it certainly is a better successor than Dragon Ball GT. Now that the Goku Black Saga is over, we’re now into the last one, which is about the Tournament of Power.

Grand zenos start the tournament of power Dragon Ball Super

The story takes place not long after the Grand Zenos are reminded that they want to hold a multi-universe tournament. But the stakes are high for all universes involved. While the angels such as Whis and Vados are exempt from “losing”, all the deities find out that if their universe loses the tournament, they’ll all be wiped from existence.

Lavender VS ultimate Gohan Dragon Ball Super

But first, the Grand Zenos want to hold a pre-tournament of sorts. One which they call the Zeno Expo. They fight members from the 9th universe. Since Vegeta couldn’t make it, Majin Buu takes his place. Buu will have to battle Basil, Gohan will have to fight Lavender, and Goku will have to make his universe proud in a match against Bergamo. But these matches are mostly “for fun” and to let Zeno see what fightes are capable of.

Mr Satan goku and Gohan Dragon Ball Super

But all universes are given a small time frame after the Zeno Expo to establish a ten-person team to take with them to the tournament of power. While fighters like Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, Majin Buu Android 18, and Krillin are obvious picks, Goku is going to have to be careful on trying to find the perfect team, or else all of Universe 7 could be gone.

Krillin and goku Dragon Ball Super

Overall Dragon Ball Super Part 7 is a decent addition to the series. There’s a lot of filler, but it’s setting things up for later. So it’s certainly a low-point for the series, but I can understand given what the story covered so far.

Score: B-

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