Dragon Ball Super (TV Series) Part 9 Review

Dragon Ball Super Part 9 cover

Dragon Ball Super is almost over for me, and I’m sad and glad. While it is unfortunate to see another chapter of the Dragon Ball saga close, the tournament of power is stretching itself out too far and it’s getting a little annoying.

Goku ultra instinct Kamehameha blast Dragon Ball Super

Anyway, the story starts with most of the weakest fighters in the Tournament of Power already eliminated. While Goku and Hit are juggernauts, Jiren of Universe 11 soon shows his strength to everyone. And it’s quite a sight to behold. Even Goku and his strongest techniques aren’t doing much to the titan.

Top VS vegeta Dragon Ball Super

But Jiren isn’t the only one to worry about. There are still fighters from Universe 11 to worry about along with plenty of other universes and champions besides Jiren’s team. There will surely be a losing universe after a few fights, but it’s anyone’s guess on who will be the top team once the time runs out.

Caulifla goes super Saiyan Dragon Ball Super

But before Goku realizes it, Caulifla and Kale challenge him. The female saiyans find Goku when he’s tired and out of energy. Not only has Caulifla reached Super Saiyan 2, Kale seems to have reached a controlled state of her own class of Super Saiyan. But it’s something that Lord Champa gave them that will make Goku have to reach new heights to overcome. But can the Saiyan once known as Kakarot be able to edge out these new rivals?

Supreme Kai Champa and Vados cheering for kefla Dragon Ball Super

Overall this may have been the weakest part of the series so far. So much filler and lame fights for the most part. While what Goku does against his foes is pretty cool, most of everything is a tad boring. I’m a little glad that the next part, Part 10 will be the series’ last. Hopefully it will all be quality rather than quantity.

Score: C+

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