Reign of the Supermen (2019 Film Review)

Reign of the Supermen movie poster

Back in 2007, Warner Bros./DC Comics made Superman: Doomsday, a direct-to-video animated movie that combined two Superman storylines about the death and return of DC’s greatest hero. Combining two such storylines into such a short movie was an awful idea but it had its strengths. This is a retake on such a story, but this time they let the four beings who claimed to be Superman exist, instead of combining them all into one generic semi-evil Superman wannabe.

Steel flying with hammer Reign of the Supermen

After Superman’s fight with Doomsday, he died in Lois Lane’s arms. The whole world mourned as they lost a legend. But about half a year later, four beings emerged out of nowhere. All somewhat claiming to be Superman, literally or symbolically. There’s a metallic version of the Son of Krypton, named Steel.

Superboy flirting with Lois Lane Reign of the Supermen

Then there’s the much too young, Superboy. While he does seem to have the powers of a Kryptonian, he has the immaturity of a teenager. Things get really awkward when he’s officially introduced to the world. And he’s apparently an “employee” of Lex Luthor, in a cruel sense of irony.

Eradicator Superman Reign of the Supermen

Then you have the Eradicator, the one who looks like Kal-El the most, but without much of a personality. He wants justice just like Superman, but he seems to lack all the compassion and humanity of the Man of Steel. Then there’s Cyborg Superman who claims to be the real deal, but with half a real body and missing memories. Will the real Superman please stand up?

Cyborg superman Reign of the Supermen

Overall Reign of the Superman was a bit disappointing to me. It’s a little predictable and also these Superman impostors aren’t nearly as cool as I was expecting them to be. But I am glad I got a chance to see it. I expect some of these characters to eventually show up in the DCEU on the silver screen, so we’ll see if they’re any better if they decided to go that route.

Score: B-

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