Outlander (TV Series) Season 2 Review

Outlander season 2 poster

Outlander seems to be the Game of Thrones for Starz. It’s got a hefty budget, a story that grips you into binging, and almost nothing holding it back when it comes to censorship. I was very impressed by the first season, so the second was very easy to start.

Claire Fraser looking at jacobites fighting for Bonnie prince Charles outlander

After leaving Scotland, Claire and Jamie Fraser have to figure out what to do next. Claire knows that Scotland will be forever changed if the House of Hanover wins the Battle of Culloden. Stopping it, may be almost impossible.

Jamie Fraser in bourbon France outlander

Knowing that the clock is ticking, the Frasers end up in Paris, France. They either support the Jacobite cause or prevent it from happening in the first place. With Jamie Fraser being a Highlander who hates the British, the Jacobite cause comes very naturally to him.

Prince Charles being an idiot outlander

The leader of the Jacobite movement is Prince Charles, fighting in the name of his father James Stuart. Unfortunately, he’s a rather dim-witted royal pretender. Both Claire and Jamie juggle with the idea of murdering him but will they?

Claire Randall returns to England after battle of Culloden outlander

I was curious if the second season of Outlander would top the first but it definitely does. They do Bourbon France really well along with the Battle of Culloden. I’m already watching the third season.

Score: A-

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