Trip to Riverbanks Zoo

Riverbanks zoo Columbia sc

A while ago, my girlfriend, her daughter, and I went to a mini vacation of sorts. Our final destination was the beach, but we stopped in Columbia, South Carolina on the first day so we could enjoy Riverbanks Zoo.

Alligator Riverbanks zoo Columbia sc

It is definitely the largest zoo in South Carolina.

Little girl looking at fish Riverbanks zoo Columbia sc

Plus it has its own aquarium.

Giraffe feeding Riverbanks zoo Columbia sc

The giraffes are always impressive.

Feeding the alpaca Riverbanks zoo Columbia sc

The alpacas are very adorable.

King penguin Riverbanks zoo Columbia sc

And you can definitely spend a lot of time looking at the penguins.

Birds drinking nectar Riverbanks zoo Columbia sc

She and her daughter did the whole feeding the birds with nectar thing. Most of the birds were so full that it was a struggle to get a few of them to be hungry enough to eat the nectar we bought.

Family visiting koala Riverbanks zoo Columbia sc

We all had a wonderful time there.

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