Things I Like: Victor Frankenstein/Doctor Whale (Once Upon a Time)

Dr Whale once upon a time ABC

Far from my favorites on the show, but I did mildly like the character and story.

Dr Whale and Regina Mills once upon a time ABC

During the first curse, he’s Dr. Whale, the leading medicine doctor in the town.

Victor Frankenstein tries to revive dead brother once upon a time ABC

It was until after the first curse was broken that we learned he was Victor Frankenstein. Who technically jumped into the magical realm to save his brother or something.

Jefferson Victor Frankenstein and Rumplestiltskin once upon a time ABC

Which led him making alliances/deals with the Mad Hatter, the Evil Queen, and Rumplestiltskin to get what he wanted.

Victor Frankenstein once upon a time ABC

After that, he’s more of a side character. He makes a cameo near the end of the series, where he seems to have taken up the trade of his original life.

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