Thor: The Dark World (2013 Film) Review

Thor: The Dark World movie poster

Even though I’m a big fan of Marvel, I never really knew much about Thor until the 2011 movie came out. I liked it, though I thought it was tad disappointing that Thor was powerless for a good bit of the story. Now the 2nd film in Phase Two of the Avengers films, takes place soon after Thor takes Loki back to Asgard to be judged by their father Odin.

Thor: The Dark World Jane Foster in London England Natalie Portman

While Loki is sent to Asgardian jail, Thor must end turmoil in the other worlds of the nine realms. While Thor is absent, his girlfriend (and Earthling) Jane Foster is desperately trying to find him. She enters another dimension and a strange force bonds with her. While the force seems to be powerful, it seems too much for a human to handle. Thor arrives to help Jane but not even his father Odin can separate the mysterious energy from her.

Thor: The Dark World Thor and Loki vs dark elfs Chris Hemsworth tom Hiddleston

More unfortunate news for Thor is that the Dark Elf Malekith has returned from his slumber. Malekith had been defeated by Thor’s grandfather ages ago, but managed to survive. In his return, he leaves Asgard in a crisis. Thor makes an uneasy alliance with his adoptive brother Loki to stop Malekith and save Jane Foster.

Thor: The Dark World Thor loki Jane Foster on boat

Overall I was a good bit disappointed (thought I still like it) with the 2nd Thor movie. There was too many characters and very little focus. Especially the villain Malekith whose character isn’t very well explained and the battle against him was rather lame. While it was cool to see Thor and Loki work as a team again, I will say this is my least favorite film (so far) of the Avengers-related movies.

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