Primal Rage Arcade (Carolina Arcade Museum)

Primal Rage Arcade machine

I recall playing Primal Rage at home during the 1990’s. It was actually made by Atari in the mid 1990’s to be a “Mortal Kombat clone” and it’s pretty obvious. I guess they chose dinosaurs to appeal to those who loved Jurassic Park, the movie.

Choas vs Diablo primal Rage Sega Genesis Sega Mega drive

We had it on the Sega Genesis (above) back when my brother and I were kids. We had decent fun with it, but we liked Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter way better.

Armadon vs blizzard primal Rage Arcade version

The graphics are much better in the arcade version (above) but the gameplay has aged pretty bad. I thought Mortal Kombat 2 had a tough time adjusting, but at least it’s still rather fun. Primal Rage is pretty bland and generic now.

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