Superman (1978 Film) Review

Superman 1978 movie poster Christopher Reeve gene Hackman

With the newest Superman film Man of Steel about hit theaters, I thought I’d watch the older Superman films. I had seen them as a child, but it’s been so long I forgot most of the moments and the plot. So it’s almost like seeing a brand-new adventure for me.

Superman saves Lois Lane from helicopter fall Superman 1978

Since it was the first major Superman film, this one obviously establishes the origins story. It starts out with Superman’s father Jor-El on Krypton pleading with officials there that their home planet will soon explode. Even though he is correct about his prediction, he fails to convince everyone else and sends his only son to Earth at the last minute. The boy Kal-El is raised by human parents who give him the name Clark Kent. When Clark becomes a man, he discovers his history, and the spirit of Jor-El convinces him to use his powers to help those on Earth.

Lex Luthor with hair Superman 1978

At the same time Superman becomes famous, evil mastermind Lex Luthor is busy at work trying to become more powerful. When he notices Superman, he knows he may very well be able to stop him no matter the moment. So he takes initiative to seek Superman out and challenge him with plenty of traps to weaken the Man of Steel.

Final battle Superman 1978

While some of the special effects (like the flying scenes) are obviously outdated, I really did like the original Superman film. I wished Superman showed off a few more powers than just flight and super-strength though. I thought his role as Clark Kent and his relationship with Lois Lane as both Kent and Superman was well-done. I thought the star of the show was Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor who adds comical brilliance to the character of the legendary super-villain. Needless to say I will be watching Superman II very soon.

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