SNES Classic Mini (Carolina Arcade Museum)

SNES Classic Mini retro console Nintendo

Unlike the NES Classic Mini, the SNES Classic Mini had one game that was brand new…sort of. I’m talking about Star Fox 2 which was 100% made but Nintendo pulled the plug because its simple 3D graphics were a joke in 1995 in comparison to the Sega Saturn and Sony Playstation.

Fox and Fay Starfox 2 snes super Nintendo

It actually does a lot of new features. It also has characters never to be seen again in the series.

Peppy hare Starfox 2 snes super Nintendo

I heard it was pretty bad, and I didn’t like the original when I played it in the early 2000’s and Star Fox 2 really is terrible. Bad controls, horrid graphics, and missions way to advanced for the system it was on. I can see why Nintendo was wise to have swept this one under the rug.

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