Downton Abbey (TV Series) Season 3 Review

Downton Abbey season 3 poster

I often joke that Downton Abbey is what I watch to make me forget that Game of Thrones season six is still many months away. It can be a little hard to believe that a show based on British aristocrats could be so fascinating, but it is.

Downton Abbey Matthew Crawley wedding to Lady Mary

The season begins with the marriage of Matthew and Mary Crawley. With the duo finally married, it means Robert’s plan of getting his eldest daughter what she deserved is now finished. Though their marriage will see its share of unhappy moments. Even Matthew’s relationship with Robert will become strained when the heir tells the current Earl of Grantham the honest truth about his estate and a modern plan to fix it.

Downton Abbey Violet Crawley Mary Crawley funeral clothing

Though not everyone is happy. Edith is still looking for a potential spouse, John Bates is still wrongly in prison, the former maid Ethel has to make a tough choice for the future of her son, and things won’t get better when unforeseen tragedies strike. Even the future of Downton Abbey is still in jeopardy.

Downton Abbey John Bates in prison

I liked the third season about as much as the first two. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but this season features one of the saddest deaths of a character I’ve ever seen. I also didn’t like the certain departure of another character, but I can’t fault the show’s writers for that one as it ended up being the actor (for understandable reasons) not wanting to be in the show anymore. I can say it won’t be long until I begin the fourth season.

Score: A-

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