Downton Abbey (TV Series) Season 5 Review

Downton Abbey season 5 poster

I started watching Downton Abbey not long ago and now I’m all caught up so to speak. I know the final season is still being shown in Great Britain but it’s not over yet. I’ve quite enjoyed the series so far obviously.

Downton Abbey Cora Crawley tea party

Things at Downton go fairly normal as nothing too unexpected happens at first. Mary is trying to decide on who her next husband should be. Isobel Crawley may get married, but must overcome the rejection of her future son-in-laws first. Edith is still trying to keep her daughter Marigold a secret from her family of nobles.

Downton Abbey Lady Edith Crawley red dress

Edith will have to make a tough decision. She will either have to let her daughter be raised by another family or risk letting her family know the truth. Things look good for Lady Rose as she meets the perfect match. The staff at Downtown have their own issues, especially John and Anna Bates as the police think John was behind the death of Mr. Green.

Downton Abbey Lady Mary Crawley hunting clothes

I’d say this was my least favorite season of Downton Abbey. I think Mary’s side of the story never really went anywhere. I did like Edith’s side of the story with the subject of her daughter Marigold. I also liked Robert trying to convince Tom Branson not to move to America as he can’t bear to see his grand-daughter Sybbie leave. Even though I think it’s the worst season, it’s still a wonderful story.

Score: A-

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