Downton Abbey (TV Series) Season 6 Review

Downton Abbey season 6 poster

Downton Abbey was a show I originally watched to help ease the wait for the newest season of Game of Thrones especially as I couldn’t stand not knowing if Jon Snow was going to be revived from the dead or not. I picked Downton Abbey because I heard it was an amazing show and it certainly deserves most of the praises people give it. This drama about early 20th century British aristocrats and their servants is far more compelling than you’d imagine at first.

Downton Abbey downstairs eating area

A post-World War I Great Britain is still ever changing for the common people. The staff are starting to feel the strains of the new age of a modern world as well as their lords and ladies. Thomas Barrow is let known that he needs to find a job elsewhere as Lord Grantham wants to cut down on staff and the role of an under-butler is not essential. Daisy Mason fights bitterly after her father-in-law is forced to the leave the farm he attended to once the new owners come by. And Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes still try to decide on when to get married. John Bates and his wife Anna struggle trying to get a resolution on Mr. Green’s death along with Anna keeps losing babies during a pregnancy even though she keeps trying her best. Mrs. Patmore will get the unwanted surprise of a lifetime once a newspaper story gets the wrong side of the picture.

Downton Abbey Edith Crawley calls Mary a bitch

The nobility also have their own issues. Lady Edith is still at a place where she can’t decide if she should keep little Marigold’s true parentage a secret from her sister Mary. Both sisters will find new love and a lot of heartache to go along with it. The elder Crawleys get into a family feud that nearly turns into a family civil war after much debate on whether the local hospital should be under the control of a much bigger one. The Dowager Countess of Grantham Violet Crawley insists on keeping things the way they are. While her daughter-in-law Cora Crawley believes that a more modern hospital will save countless lives. Lord Robert Crawley just wishes everyone would just agree and just leave him alone on the matter.

Downton Abbey Lady Rose MacClare and her husband lily James

Even though it certainly wasn’t the best season, I was happy with the final season of Downton Abbey, I’d rather not spoil things but there is certainly a very “happy” mood for the majority of the characters by the end of the story. While I didn’t mind it, it did seem like everyone’s luck just magically improved all of a sudden. I always imagined the series’ end with Matthew Crawley becoming Earl after Robert’s death. But his actor Dan Stevens wanted to leave the show (not out of bitterness but he has apologized to many fans about it) so his character died in the middle of the series so that obviously never happened. I don’t really think any fan of the show will be unhappy about the plot of the sixth season.

Score: B+

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