Joust (Carolina Arcade Museum)

Joust arcade machine Williams

Joust is a game I remember from a collection disk on PS1 that my brother Brandon had. We didn’t have many games in our youth, so I spent a lot of time with Joust. It was made by Williams, a company now more famous for their pinball machines. They also made Defender, which had a PS2/Xbox/Gamecube revival, but by 2002, Williams didn’t make video games anymore and they handed it off to Midway.

Two players joust arcade game

The gameplay has aged (and the screen doesn’t look as sharp as this image) but it can still be enjoyable to one who hasn’t played it for a lot of hours. I found it harder to control with an arcade joystick as I had a D-pad on PS1. I didn’t play it for long here though.

Balloon Fight Nintendo NES

I will say, Nintendo’s Balloon Fight (above) on NES was a much better game. Too bad neither of these series really took off after the 8-bit era.

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