Alita: Battle Angel (2019 Film) Review

Alita: Battle Angel movie poster

Up until recently, I had no idea Alita: Battle Angel even existed. I actually heard about it for the wrong reasons. A lot of conservative Americans got really angry at Brie Larson’s political statements and decided to take that out on her title role and movie Captain Marvel. They decided to make Alita their champion film (because it has a strong female lead, that’s it) after Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) had Brie Larson’s back. Which is really silly because all this film is a dream project to make a big-budget remake of an older anime film from almost three decades ago.

Alita and her family Alita: Battle Angel

The film is set on a dystopian Earth. The city in focus is Iron City, an extremely urban area with not much hope or joy in it. A doctor named Dr. Dyson Ido finds the ancient remains of a cyborg with an intact human brain in a pile of garbage. He uses his skills and gives her a new chance at life and a new robotic body.

Alita crying Alita: Battle Angel

She wakes up with no real idea of who she is. The doctor names her Alita after his deceased daughter. Cyborg humans aren’t a new thing in Iron City, but Alita shows that she is more than just a robotic-human. She knows how to fight and she can defeat even the greatest warriors with her bare fists alone.

Vector and his gang Alita: Battle Angel

The de facto “leader” of most of what goes on in Iron City is a man named Vector. He is a ruthless man without nearly unlimited resources at his fingertips. When Alita makes short work out of many of his best assassins, she obviously gets into his sights. Will Alita be able to stop everyone out to kill her, or will she figure out who she is before her destiny arrives?

Alita: Battle Angel alita final battle

Alita: Battle Angel is a good film, and Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron did a great job making an Hollywood-made film based on anime that wasn’t absolutely terrible. The not-really-animated style of the movie is pretty cool, but not groundbreaking. Though the movie is a bit too long for its own good and many of the minor characters I cared little-to-nothing for. The film’s last moments are where it shines the brightest, I really wished it could have carried that energy the whole time. I would also like to say, Rosa Salazar really nailed her role here as Alita.

Score: B

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