Things I Like: Doug Stamper (House of Cards)

Doug Stamper house of cards Netflix

One of the most important major characters, Doug Stamper is an interesting fellow. And a strange man.

Doug Stamper working for house majority whip frank Underwood house of cards Netflix

He starts out in the series working for Frank Underwood, as his extremely loyal servant.

Doug Stamper bribes Rachel posner house of cards Netflix

He mainly cleans up Frank’s messes. Doug originally doesn’t do too much evil.

Doug Stamper finds Rachel Posner working as a waitress house of cards Netflix

But as Frank’s sins elevate, so does his. Such as his “relationship” with Rachel Posner. She ends up hitting him with a brick and leaving him for dead.

Doug Stamper buries Rachel Posner house of cards Netflix

And he buries her out in the desert in revenge. Dang Doug! That was pretty messed up.

house of cards Netflix Doug Stamper and President frank Underwood

Doug proves his ultimate loyalty by taking the fall for Frank Underwood’s murder of Peter Russo and Zoe Barnes. After he gets out, he eventually poisons Frank though most of who watched the show missed that detail. Something about protecting Claire and her baby. I had to look it up, because I didn’t understand it either.

Doug Stamper killed by Claire Underwood house of cards Netflix

But then he tries to murder Claire and her baby, and he gets the tables turned on himself when Claire takes the letter opener and ends his life. I was rather glad it was him and not her and the baby.

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