My First Visit To Harrah’s Cherokee Casino

Harrah's Cherokee Casino north Carolina

We went on a Saturday, and this was my first time visiting Harrah’s Cherokee Casino. Or any casino period. Las Vegas is on the other side of the country, but this place is only a few hours from my home. The place is ginormous.

Johnny rockets Harrah's Cherokee Casino

And very crowded that night. Even the food court was a packed out event.

Harrah's Cherokee Casino slot machines

We spent the majority of our time playing various slot machines. We had some minor successes, but no big jackpot. Which is the reason I actually play those things.

Game tables Harrah's Cherokee Casino

I wanted to play various games at the tables, though they were so crowded that it was nearly impossible find a game of roulette or blackjack with an empty chair. I managed to find a blackjack table and had fun it. Though I lost at it brutally after initial success.

Slot machine Harrah's Cherokee Casino

I brought $100 with me just to have fun with it there. Though I lost all of it, I had a good time. Next time we go, we definitely need to take a Sunday when it’s not as busy.

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