Sherlock Gnomes (2018 Film) Review

Sherlock Gnomes movie poster

Sherlock Gnomes caught my eye in late 2017 when I saw the trailer for it. I really like the stories of Sherlock Holmes, but even a great set of stories can have bad adaptations. While the trailer didn’t look bad, I did have my doubts. When it was released, not many critics or regular folks liked it. But since I’m a big Sherlock Holmes fan, I had to see it, just to say I did.

Sherlock and Watson Sherlock Gnomes

The film is set with Sherlock Holmes portrayed as a garden gnome. He still has his friend John Watson at his side, but he’s a gnome too. Most of the humans in this world don’t know that gnomes are “living beings” but Sherlock Gnomes is quite famous in the land of gnomes, at least in the London area anyway.

Pie boy Moriarty Sherlock Gnomes

Soon enough Sherlock Gnomes meets his arch-rival Moriarty…again. This time Moriarty is the living being of some kind of pie mascot. He doesn’t seem to be very intelligent, but he is very evil. His life’s goal is to shatter as many gnomes as he can. But in a fatal duel with Sherlock, the infamous Moriarty is defeated and presumed dead.

Sherlock and dr Watson Sherlock Gnomes

But soon after, yards have garden gnomes disappearing without a trace, or even a footprint. Sherlock Gnomes and John Watson soon meet Gnomeo and Juliet, two gnomes who are horrified to find their friends and family missing after they step away from their land for a few moments. Can they all solve this mystery?

Sherlock and irene addler Sherlock Gnomes

Overall Sherlock Gnomes was a little worse than I expected, and I wasn’t expecting much. It’s got an impressive voice cast with stars like Johnny Depp and James McAvoy, but none of their voices can save a mediocre production, a plot without much meaning, atrocious direction, and a big overall sense of BOREDOM. This wouldn’t even be good for a made-for-TV movie, let alone a movie that did sorta well at the box office. I also had no idea that this movie is a sequel to Gnomeo and Juliet which I didn’t know existed. Making them semi-minor characters in a sequel shows that nobody knew what they were doing.

Score: D+

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