Wolverine (NES) Review

Wolverine NES Boxart

Oh man do I hate the Ljn logo. That rainbow logo was a clue that the next game you would play would be a stinker. Being a decent X-Men fan, I did have to give a try though.

Wolverine NES

So you control Wolverine through some side-scrolling stages. It’s actually not hard to control him, and you can use his trademark claws…. For a short time that is. Honestly I think the combat of the game is junk when you get hit more if you try to fight. Just getting near an enemy will drain your energy down by a good bit. I just ran and ran, until I got to the end of the level.

Wolverine NES marvel X-Men

So I guess this is the best game Ljn probably ever made. Which isn’t say much. Because this is still one of the worst X-Men games I’ve laid my hands on. It’s not pure garbage, but to enjoy this game you’ll need rose-tinted glasses and a lot of patience.

Score: 4 out of 10

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