Things I Like: Batman Forever

Batman Forever movie poster

While it wasn’t as good as the first two movies, I still enjoyed this film a lot when I was kid.

Nicole Kidman Batman Forever movie

Instead of Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer takes up the role as Bruce Wayne/Batman. I thought his Bruce Wayne role was kinda weak.

Val Kilmer Batman Forever movie

He was a decent Batman.

Bruce Wayne and dick Grayson Batman Forever movie

I do like the scene where he befriends Robin.

Jim Carrey Batman Forever movie

I guess if anyone was perfect for the role of The Riddler it would be Jim Carrey.

Riddler and Two-Face Batman Forever movie Tommy lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones was a decent Two-Face.

Batman vs Riddler Batman Forever movie

Sure it took a more kid-friendly turn, but I didn’t mind back then when I was a kid. It’s cheesy and goofy, but it sure was better than Batman and Robin.

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