Batman Beyond (TV Series) Season 1 Review

Batman beyond season 1 poster

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of Batman. Back in 1999 after the success of the classic Batman cartoons came to an end, a new show was to become its successor. Set in the future where Bruce Wayne is far too old to be Batman anymore. I had long heard of it and had seen clips from years past, but I decided to give the series a shot.

Bruce Wayne Batman beyond season 1

The series starts in 2019 where Bruce Wayne is having much more trouble fighting crime than he used to. Despite having a high-tech batsuit, Bruce suffers a heart attack while on a mission and to save his life he breaks his life-long oath never to use a gun even though he never fired it. He decides to retire as Batman and leaves the batcave in darkness.

Batman beyond season 1

It quickly fast forwards 20 more years where Bruce Wayne is in no shape to retake his role as Batman. After crossing paths with Terry McGinnis after a rumble with a group calling themselves Jokerz, the young man finds out that Bruce Wayne was once the legendary super-hero. After Terry’s father is murdered, Wayne reluctantly agrees to let him wear the batsuit and Terry becomes the Batman of the future.

Mr. Freeze Batman beyond season 1

While I loved the concept and first batch of episodes, I thought the latter half of the season was rather weak. The new villains are a little lame, and despite new technology; Terry seems too under-powered in combat. I loved seeing old villains and allies return, but the story focuses unfortunately more on the newer bad guys. Still as a Batman fan, I still enjoyed it, but those who don’t like Batman aren’t going to find anything to convince them otherwise.

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