Cinderella (2021 Film) Review

Cinderella 2021 movie poster Amazon prime

I couldn’t count the number of times that Cinderella has had a movie or television adaptation. But Sony and Amazon decided to do another one again with Camila Cabello. I wouldn’t consider myself to be her biggest fan, but I really do enjoy her music. With the new movie being a musical, it was difficult for me to resist.

Camila Cabello Cinderella 2021 movie

The movie’s plot is rather simple and it’s pretty much just like any other Cinderella movie. You have the young and beautiful Cinderella growing up rather poor and miserable due to having two dead parents.

Idina Menzel wicked stepmother Cinderella 2021 movie

And what stands in front of her happiness all the time is her terrible step-family. Her stepmother might be the reason she doesn’t starve to death and has a roof over her head, but she definitely is destined for something greater.

Fabulous Godmother gives Cinderella a new dress Cinderella 2021 movie Billy Porter

What makes her a little different from the other Cinderellas that we know is that she really wants to be entrepreneur dress designer. But her plans to be a female business woman might be put on hold because her fabulous godmother is going to give her a magical dress whether she likes it or not. Better get used to those glass slippers.

Cinderella and prince Robert Cinderella 2021 movie Nicholas Galitzine Camila Cabello

I have mixed feelings about this new Cinderella. I thought Camila Cabello was very enjoyable as Cinderella and the music actually is pretty darn good. But the plot takes itself kind of goofy at times and the pacing of the movie (especially later on) gets kind of awful. While there was a lot to enjoy about the movie, it definitely is pretty flawed.

Score: C+

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  1. RO says:

    This is definitely the 2021 version of Cinderella because of the focus on women throughout the movie. I liked the spunkiness of Camila and the determination of the queen and her daughter to not be “yes” people in the household. She did a great job acting too. What I thought was even better was that there was a Happily Ever After, but Cinderella didn’t end up being led away to the castle and marrying the prince like every other Cinderella movie we’ve seen. What I absolutely loved, and caused me to watch this movie 4 times(lol) was the diversity and music. The soundtrack was fabulous and I often find myself dancing along to this version of Let’s Get Loud.

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  2. I haven’t watched it yet and probably won’t since I’ve got a million other “to see” things ahead of it, but I really like the fact there’s a gay fairy godmother!


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