The Death of Superman (2018 Film) Review

The Death of Superman movie poster

Back in the early 1990’s, The Death of Superman was a comic-book story-line that was so notable that even regular people took notice. It was the first time the Man of Steel had “died” in a major story, which was rather unheard of even for comic books. Sure enough he came back, but both Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Superman: Doomsday flopped on recreating this story. Will this new animated film be any different?

Lois Lane and Man of Steel The Death of Superman

The film begins with the focus mostly on Superman and his girlfriend Lois Lane. Well, technically Lois Lane is dating Clark Kent, and she doesn’t realize he’s Superman. But the two of them will soon have their relationship tested. Lois Lane can tell that Clark Kent isn’t telling her something, and she gets quite angry when he doesn’t say why.

Doomsday defeats hawkman The Death of Superman

But all that will have to wait. An asteroid crashes into the ocean, but it was more of a spaceship. In it is a monster that is later dubbed Doomsday by Lois Lane. He doesn’t talk, he doesn’t bargain, and he doesn’t tire. The Justice League soon find out where he’s at and try to stop him from killing innocent people. But even their might all together, amounts to little.

The Death of Superman movie

Superman is the last hero on the scene to confront the beast. And Doomsday is just as strong as Superman, and maybe even stronger. The two battle it out in the city of Metropolis. As the title suggests, it’s not looking good for the Man of Steel. But will Doomsday be stopped or is the whole world doomed?

Doomsday The Death of Superman movie

Overall this new Death of Superman adaptation is better than Doomsday and way better than Dawn of Justice in terms of staying true to the comic book. But all these are about on par with each other, they just do different things better and worse than the other. Honestly, every time I see Doomsday, he’s always boring. Despite his power and destruction, his fights are brainless and dull. There’s already a sequel out which shows a new start of Superman lore, and I’m hopeful that one will meet my expectations.

Score: B

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  1. Emmylou says:

    I’ve never seen this! Thanks for the review, Adam. And LOL on your description of Doomsday:D


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