Things I Like: Missandei (Game of Thrones)

Missandei game of Thrones HBO

Missandei appears in Astapor when the Mother of Dragons arrives to recruit Unsullied soldiers to her army. She was the first slave Daenerys Targaryen manages to free, and like the Unsullied, she follows the Dragon Queen not because she has to, but because she wants to.

game of Thrones HBO Missandei

And she stays by her Queen’s side for almost the whole series, more or less. She can speak almost every language known in the world, which makes her useful.

Davos flirting with Missandei game of Thrones HBO

I liked the part where Davos meets her on Dragonstone alongside his king, Jon Snow. His embarrassment was hilarious.

Missandei and greyworm game of Thrones HBO

She falls in love with Grey Worm, which is funny since he can’t do much for her…well you know. As the war against the dead comes to end, they plan on sailing back to her home in Naath, after the final war is won.

Missandei prisoner of Cersei Lannister game of Thrones HBO

But she sadly ends up captured at sea by troops loyal to Euron Greyjoy and Cersei Lannister. Things don’t look very good for her here.

Missandei dies game of Thrones HBO

And she sadly dies when Daenerys refuses to surrender to Cersei, with a quick and powerful strike from the Mountain. Though she gives a powerful message before her doom, causing Grey Worm and Daenerys to sour and their hearts to grow dark. I wasn’t heart-broken over her death, but it was a shame.

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