Battleship (NES) Review

Battleship NES Boxart

Battleship is a classic board game, and your view of it probably depends on your level of skill, but I thought I’d give the NES version a spin.

Battleship NES

It’s pretty much is faithful to the original except maybe a smaller grid to battle on. They also add special attacks per ship that make the game a tad easier or harder depending if you can take out the CPU’s fleet first.

Destroyer sunk Battleship NES

They also do add a little bit of a graphical effect to the game to spice up the boring graphics.

Battleship NES Nintendo

I guess I can’t say it’s not much different or worse than the classic board game, but playing against the computer is slow and boring and it doesn’t offer much in terms of extra modes.

Score: 4 out of 10

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