Dead Rising 2 (Xbox 360) Review

Dead Rising 2 Xbox 360 boxart

I can’t really say I dug it too much.

Chuck and Rebecca Dead Rising 2

I admit I did enjoy the plot for what it’s worth. The whole world is somehow used to zombies, and they even used zombies for a game-show. After a massive outbreak in Nevada, Chuck Greene has to save his daughter Katey and prove his innocence.

Cure organization Dead Rising 2

I kinda chuckled a bit at the Cure protest group in the game. Though some liberals (I am one by the way) might find it a bit offensive as it makes fun of more “hippie” protest groups.

Sexy Rebecca Chang Dead Rising 2

The story has some surprising twists and turns, such as Rebecca Chang as the love interest and her secrets.

Chainsaw Dead Rising 2

Anyways the main game is pretty much the same from the first Dead Rising. A huge mall filled with zombies that you can destroy, stores you can mess with, and side-missions to complete.

Dead Rising 2 Capcom

Plus tons of fun weapons to use. You can even create super-wacky combo weapons using the special maintenance room.

Zombies Dead Rising 2

Despite all those cool game-play features, what ruined the game for me were two things. Number 1 was the 3 Day time limit, and other minor time limits in general. Dead Rising 2 seemed like such a sandbox game, that you could just spend countless hours messing around. Lastly is your daughter Katey’s need for Zombrex, a medicine that prevents her from changing into the un-dead herself. Not only do you need to find Zombrex in some random place, but you have to drop whatever you’re doing and give it to her.

Sword Dead Rising 2

Capcom is one of my favorite video game developers, and even though they’ve made fantastic games, they often come up with some of worst ideas to ruin them. They’re a company that prides themselves into making games “harder”, and sometimes harder means annoying. Dead Rising 2 could have been so much more, but I can’t say I even want to go back and play the original.

Score: 6 Out of 10

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