Robin Hood (2018 Film) Review

Robin Hood 2018 movie poster

Robin Hood is one of the most classic tales in the world, especially one set in England. Like the King Arthur stories, Robin Hood has many adaptions, more than most could remember off the top of their head anyway. Robin Hood’s 2018 incarnation didn’t do too well with critics, which its studio blamed for its very poor reception at the box office. Though they didn’t do too well with regular folks either, so things didn’t look good. But my stupid self decided to give a chance anway.

Robin Hood 2018 movie

While some glimpses of the movie might make you think they were trying to set the classic story in modern times, this is not the case. It’s set in the glory days of the Angevin Empire and the Crusades with King Richard I of the House of Plantagenet on the throne of England. Though we don’t get to see the king, or his brother Prince John. Instead we see Lord Robin of Loxley return home from a bitter time in battles in the Middle East.

Jamie Foxx Robin Hood 2018 movie

Robin earns the respect and trust of Yahya, a Muslim Arab captured in the war. After his own son is murdered, he follows Robin to England. He teaches Robin to be a better warrior and a great thief in secret. Robin will need quite a bit of advice and help as he returns home to find out that he was legally declared dead two years prior.

Sheriff of Nottingham Robin Hood 2018 movie

Due to the Sheriff of Nottingham using his “death” as an excuse to plunder Robin’s wealth and lands while he was away. Robin doesn’t try to fight the Sheriff in person, but rather agrees with Yahya (who takes the English name John) that taking down the corrupt man of law should be an inside job. Things get worse when Robin finds out that the Cardinal from the Catholic Church is just as evil as the Sheriff.

Maid Marian Robin Hood 2018 movie

Robin Hood’s 2018 incarnation is a big giant mistake. It reminds me of the recent King Arthur: Legend of the Sword movie with Charlie Hunnnam. While they had the perfect story to adapt, its has no soul or charm to any part of the movie. Its direction is horrid, its script is dumb, the actors don’t impress here, and the whole film is just boring. I was watching this one mostly at night, and I could barely stay awake to see it end. The movie teases a sequel with the ending, but since it flopped in all three areas (critics, normal people, and at the box office), I don’t think we’ll be seeing it emerge. But I doubt more than one person is heartbroken over it.

Score: D

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  1. Emmylou says:

    Oh man! I tried watching this movie so many times but could never finish it. What a waste of a film!


  2. Musings says:

    We watched this a long time ago and can’t remember it at all.


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