10-Yard Fight (NES) Review

10-Yard Fight NES Nintendo boxart

10-Yard Fight is yet another sports game in Nintendo’s mini-series of NES games. Most of them are bad except Ice Hockey.

10-Yard Fight NES Nintendo

This one plays pretty decent, and I prefer the top down view verses the horizontal view of something like Tecmo Bowl. Except it’s more like a Tiger handheld sort of game than a legitimate football title. For some reason you only play offense, if your pass is intercepted you go 20 yards back, and once you score it starts over again.

10-Yard Fight NES Nintendo entertainment system

They had some good ideas, but they kinda flopped in the long-term. It’s aged quite a bit, but at least we can look back and say “well at least Madden took some lessons from it” or something.

Score: 4 out of 10

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