Baseball (NES) Review

Baseball NES Nintendo boxart

The Nintendo sport series on NES was pretty bad, and Baseball is not much different.

Pitcher throwing ball Baseball NES Nintendo

The game really is not that bad in a technical sense. It’s baseball….and not much else. It’s got different teams and a 2 player mode but that’s about it.

Baseball stadium Baseball NES Nintendo

The problem with the game are really three things. The first is the speed of the game, it really goes far too slow for it’s own good. The second are the controls which aren’t so hot when you’re trying to throw it to the right base. Lastly is the difficulty when playing against the computer. It’s far too good getting easy home runs while you struggle to get pass any base.

Batting Baseball NES Nintendo

It may be slightly better in some ways compared to some other sport games on NES, but it’s still garbage. Do not buy this game from anywhere.

Score: 3 out of 10

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