Mach Rider (NES) Review

Mach Rider NES Nintendo boxart

I guess I’m in the mood for NES games. I usually stay away from NES racers since they usually stink pretty bad, but I heard it was made by Nintendo itself, so I decided to give it a chance.

Mach Rider NES Nintendo

It’s not really a racing game on the surface. They threw some kind of alien story in there, and you must ride your motorcycle to defeat them. You basically ride around the same dirt track avoiding traps, and whatnot. However even though you have a rear view mirror on the tab bar, it’s quite hard to notice the alien bikers.

Mach Rider NES Nintendo entertainment system

Basically before you know it they crash right into you, which stalls your speed run. Then you are forced to stop because you didn’t make it to the goal in time. I’m sure the game had it’s fans back in the day, however I think there’s a reason why nobody talks about racers on NES like they do almost every other system.

Score: 2 out of 10

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